How To Stop Procrastinating.

Stop Procrastinating.

Do you keep finding excuses not to start work?

Do you constantly push deadlines back, and find yourself wasting time without realizing it?

Some days I still get the feeling that I can find distraction everywhere I look.

Then the end of the day comes and you realize that you barely got any important work done.

Why does procrastination happen?

One reason for procrastination is the fear of failure. Many people develop this fear either because people in their lives have been overly critical of their work, or because they are hard on themselves when they fail – they feel a lot of shame when they screw up projects.

There are many other reasons for procrastination including:

  • helplessness in the face of complex choices
  • perfectionism
  • lack of motivation
  • not knowing where to start

Here are some excellent ideas to help you eliminate procrastination right away.

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